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Racing is a game mode in which your objective is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. A typical map will generally have deathzone (blue zones) obstacles in which you have to avoid. Some maps may even contain zones like speed zones, teleport zones, or rubber zones. Rubber zones should be avoided by default unless it is the quickest way possible. Teleport zones will take you to a different area of the map and speed zones will accelerate you to a faster speed.

You must accelerate at the beginning of a round, which by default is V. If you do not accelerate, a warning message will appear, and eventually you will be killed automatically, or “autokilled.” If everyone else is dead except you, there will be a timer in the bottom left. If this timer reaches the end you will be autokilled.

If you would like to control the rotation, you can use the /mq command. The syntax is /mq add MAPNAME, where MAPNAME is one of the many maps. If you're in single player, you can /stop and /start the rotation, or /skip a map. However when another player enters the rotation will automatically be started back up, and the single player commands will become unreachable. You will still be able to queue a map. If you run out of queues you will have to wait for it to fill up. Maybe if you're lucky, you can get an admin to refill your queues :-)

At the beginning of each round map information displayed. This information displays the top 3 and what rank you are in the map.

Latest News

Hey everyone. Styx (aka Cero) here. Been awhile since anyone wrote news here. As some of you may or not know I am the only presiding officer and currently the “overlord pro tempore” of Alpha Project. This may stay like this for quite sometime as the two overlords and founders of this group have retired and/or gone inactive.

This has left a rather large void in Alpha Project. Nearly all of our servers were taken down due to fman’s sudden disconnection of his VPS. It stayed like this for a while with only some Alpha Project servers by me or Nelg popping up occasionally. It was not until I recently began to recruit tronners to join our causes that we got a new VPS with courtesy of Kevin (much appreciated man!).

Now we have made a comeback. Some of our new members include Kevin, Moon, Song, Blaze, Iso, ~inter~, and DaX. Both old and new servers are online in tron, Lover Racing, FastTrack, Close Combat Shootout, Reaper’s Ville, and Infected BETA. All of these have Alpha Project in front of their names. We have also expanded from Armagetron Advanced! We are in Destiny ( and will soon be in Grand Theft Auto 5.

If you want to read about the history of Alpha Project, just click on the link. It should be there. I will be posting more updates when the time comes for it but for now, that’s all fellow tronners! Have a good day.

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